The Commission on improving dignity in care released its draft report and recommendations on 29 February 2012.

The draft report sets out ten key recommendations for hospitals and ten key recommendations for care homes to help them tackle the underlying causes of undignified care, as well detailed recommendations on the changes the Commission believes need to take place across the wider health and social care system.

View the full draft report and recommendations


You can view the full list of organisations that submitted written evidence as well as the transcripts from the oral evidence sessions.

The Commission also sought expert advice from academic, medical and nursing reference groups, conducted site visits with health and social care providers, met with stakeholders and key experts, undertook a literature review of published evidence and collated existing tools and guidance that support improved levels of care for older people.

Let us know your views

The draft report and recommendations is now open for public consultation until Tuesday 27 March and any organisation, individual or member of the public is invited to feed in their views.

The Commission will use the feedback that it receives during the consultation to help inform its final report scheduled for publication by summer 2012.

Let us know your views.

We are writing to every hospital trust board and all the major care home providers highlighting the Commission’s draft recommendations and inviting them to respond.

We will also be discussing the Commission’s recommendations with the Secretary of State for Health, the NHS Commissioning Board and the Care Quality Commission to agree the best way forward.

The last thing we want to produce is a report that generates more noise than practical action, so with Age UK and the LGA, we will publish a long term action plan alongside the Commission’s final report that will focus on working with our members and partners across health and social care to deliver the Commission’s recommendations.

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If you have any questions or queries about the Commission’s draft report and recommendations, please email us at

The Commission spent eight months gathering evidence to help inform the development of its draft report and recommendations, taking written evidence submissions from over 40 organisations and holding three days of public hearings.

View the ten key recommendations for hospitals and ten key recommendations for care homes