Husband in fight for care funding

Bill Wilson of Rhyl, who has been caring for his wife Ada for almost seven years, is campaiging for a change to laws affecting people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Mr Wilson, who is 84, is calling for an end to what he calls the “dementia tax”, which requires people with a number of mental or neurological illnesses to pay all but £22,000 of their own money for their treatment if their carers die before them.

He said: “In June 2005 Ada was confirmed as having dementia and put on medication. I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown but took advice, saw my doctor and he gave me medication which gave me the strength to become a full time carer.

"During that time, Ada has had mood changes, hallucinations, did not know me at times and I was accused of infidelity. Dementia is an evil disease, but charities are doing wonderful medical research.”

Mr Wilson praised services in Denbighshire, including the Hafan Deg day centre, professional carers and occupational therapists, for their work with his wife who now lives in Glan Devon EMI care home, but said more needed to be done to provide free at the point of delivery care.

He has become an advocate for a new proposal to fund care in Wales, and is lobbying the Welsh Government ahead of the publication of the Dilnot Report this spring, which discusses reforming the system.

He said: “The Welsh Government published a white paper with a very good proposal funding care in Wales paid through inheritance tax, but not before 2015.

Andrew Dilnot, head of the commission into funding the care of elderly and disabled people, went some way toward the problem, but not far enough and definitely not soon enough. We are not in the dark old days when people were sent into mental institutions. We must undo the injustice of all previous governments.

“This has become my passion.”


Sourced from Proud to be Local Journal, 1st March 2012.