Fire at Llanelli care home prompts evacuation

Thirty-seven people have been evacuated from a privately-run care home in Llanelli after a fire in its laundry.

Fire crews were called to the Llys y Coed Care Centre at 21:21 GMT on Wednesday.

Senior officers praised fire crews and staff at the home for quickly leading the residents to safety, saying it could have been more serious.

The fire is blamed on an industrial tumble drier which accidentally ignited. No-one was hurt.

Mid and West Wales Fire Service said four fire engines attended the scene, along with police and ambulance staff.

Four breathing apparatus and two jets were used in fighting the blaze, which was contained in the laundry room at an annexe to the premises.

Alan Sherman, fire station manager at the scene, praised his crews and staff at the home for dealing with the situation quickly and safely.

He said: "The rapid attendance and rapid actions of the crews contained the fire within the laundry room and extinguished the fire successfully.

"Also, they were successful in evacuating 37 residents and staff from the premises.

"It was very traumatic for them [the residents] - credit to the staff, they calmed the residents down and assisted us in the evacuation to a successful conclusion.

"We were able to evacuate them to a remote location within the residence itself which was far enough from the fire and afforded them protection.

"It was a small-scale operation but it could have been a lot worse if it hadn't been for the rapid reaction of the crews."

Mr Sherman said that once the fire service was satisfied the fire was out and the building clear of smoke, residents were able to return to their rooms little more than an hour later.

Fire crews left the scene at 22:47 GMT.


Sourced from BBC News, 15th March 2012.