Drive-through 'McDonalds' for Beverley killed off by care home plan

MULTI-million pound new proposals for a prime Beverley site are set to kill off controversial plans for a fast food restaurant.

Proposals for a £7 million care home and housing will now replace the drive-through restaurant plans, believed to be McDonalds, at the junction of Beverley Parklands and Hull Road.

It follows 15 years of uncertainty over the future of the site, with the fast food restaurant plans sparking an outcry in the town.

Outline consent for a drive-through had been granted on appeal, despite opposition from hundreds of residents, but the scheme was never progressed.

Now, developer Horncastle Group Plc wants to build a 61-bed care home and 14 houses on the land instead.

Horncastle managing director Ian Hodges said: "It got planning permission many years ago for a drive-through restaurant and there was a lot of speculation about the operator.

"That planning permission time expired. We applied for it to be renewed but that application was never determined by East Riding Council.

"These proposals will supersede that particular planning application so, for the residents of Beverley Parklands, it will finally kill it off."

East Riding ward Councillor Kerri Harold said: "A McDonald's would not have been right for that area.

"The last thing we want to see on the approach to Beverley, as you see Beverley Minster and St Nicholas Church, is the golden arches of McDonald's.

"It's not really what we want to promote Beverley.

"In the right place, I would not have an issue with it but not on that site at Beverley Parklands."

Mrs Harold is urging residents to have their say on the new plans.

She said: "Residents didn't want a McDonald's there but my fear is we don't just accept anything to avoid a McDonald's on this site.

"We want to make sure whatever scheme goes ahead on that land is the right scheme and not just whatever alternative the developers come up with.

"It may be this is a good scheme but it's important we make sure we get the best application that gets through on its merits."

Resident Ray Bruce, of Figham Road, said: "Ideally, I would like a McDonald's somewhere but Kingswood is probably near enough.

"A care home and housing on that site would not bother me as long as they do something about the nearby sewage works. If you stand on that piece of land, it stinks some days.

"If they are building extra homes there, they need to make sure the sewage works can cope."

South Cave-based Horncastle Group, which owns two parcels of land at the site, will submit the plans for the care home and new homes to East Riding Council within two weeks.

Horncastle's eastern plot of land would be developed for a three-storey care home and the western plot for 14 new homes.

Mr Hodges said: "Beverley has an ageing population and additional high-quality specialist care facilities are required to meet local needs.

"This is a primary route into Beverley and a gateway site upon which a well-designed and suitably scaled building, such as a care home, would be appropriate.

"A care home generates relatively low volumes of traffic and will complement the housing nearby."

A development of 14 detached and semi-detached homes is proposed for the western parcel of land.

Mr Hodges was unaware of any problems linked to the nearby sewage works.

He said: "If there is an issue, it would be a technical matter that would be dealt with as part of the planning application process involving statutory consultees, including the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water."


Sourced from This is Hull and East Riding, 29th March 2012.