Family blame death of Rose, 69, on care home after she was given MALE cancer treatment

They say dementia sufferer Rose Plunkett passed away last month after being wrongly injected with an implant used in the treatment of male prostate cancer in August last year.

The family claim the mistake – by staff at Kirknowe Nursing Home in Wishaw, Lanarkshire – began a downward spiral that led to her death from pneumonia.

BUPA admit the blunder happened and say the nurse who wrongly inserted the implant didn’t record the error – a breach of strict nursing rules.

But the care firm say the implant wouldn’t have harmed the pensioner and insist there is no evidence to suggest it played a role in Rose’s death.

A relative said: “We saw her deteriorating from as soon as she got the implant to dying within seven months.

“As far as we’re concerned, it was the implant that brought it on. She couldn’t walk, she couldn’t talk, she wasn’t opening her eyes and she had to be spoon-fed.”

Former nurse Rose was given the Zoladex implant on August 7 last year instead of an injection related to her dementia. She passed away on March 1.

The slow-releasing implant is designed to suppress the production of hormones in men fighting prostate cancer.

Rose’s relative added: “By September she’d had a stroke down her right-hand side and had started having shaking fits.

“She was constantly bruising herself falling out of her bed.

“She died after vomiting into her lungs and dying of aspiration pneumonia. The deterioration was terrible.”

The nurse involved no longer works at the home.

BUPA said: “The GP and other health professionals were consulted and it was deemed in the best interests of Mrs Plunkett to leave the implant in.

“It was going to do no damage to her health and the distress it would have caused her to have it removed was not justifiable.

“We understand MrsPlunkett died in hospital of unrelated causes. There is no evidence to suggest the medication error had a role in her death.”