Fraudulent Energy Charges

There appear to be instances around the country whereby a dishonest energy broker has been over charging for energy supplies. Home owners appear to give authorisation for the "broker" to deal with all their energy on the basis of obtaining a refund and reduction on water charges, which in most cases doesn't exist.

Peter Warwick from The Energy Advisors has received a phone call from Devonshire Police Fraud Squad regarding complaints from initially a Care Home in Devon, and subsequently from all other areas in England and Wales.

It was mentioned that these cases are "civil" and not criminal, but as Peter has evidence of a "criminal act", the Fraud Squad Officer suggested that it would be advisable that a group complaint should be made to "Trading Standards". Peter wondered if you have had any overcharging experiences like these and would be interested in hearing from you. He has recently been notified of details from some care homes where the overcharges vary from around £7,000 up to £30,000.

If you require any further information, please give him a call.

Peter can be reached at:

The Energy Advisors Ltd.
Power House
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Tel. 01629 581400
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