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VAT Recovery Programme for Care Homes
The ruling secured by Kingscrest, at High Court, allows Care Home owners the chance to recover VAT over a ten year period.
Kingscrest were an operator of small bedded Learning Difficulties Units who chose to challenge the fact that Care Home’s providing residential care fell outside of the legislation that had previously prevented them from recovering VAT.
The success of Kingscrest has paved the way for operators to recover VAT incurred between 1993 and 2002.
This opportunity is not to be confused with Capital Allowances, utilities or similar related schemes. It is a one-off opportunity to recover a significant amount of VAT.
Kieran Lynch & Co ltd have extensive experience in achieving success for their clients having conducted all these claims on an entirely contingent basis, only charging fees once the claim has been successfully approved and our clients are in funds. We therefore carry the risk and the cost of preparing the claim on your behalf, such is our confidence in assessing the quality of potential claims and our successes in bringing them to fruition.
We would suggest with a potentially significant VAT repayment to gain, the next step is a short meeting to discuss what the potential for your business would be.
If you do not receive a VAT repayment –there is no charge for the work we complete.
Based on an average of successfully completed claims you can expect to recover around £3,000 of VAT per bed.
You may have sold, as an Asset Sale, a Home you operated during this time – you would therefore still be the owner of the claim. Equally you may have acquired, by Share Purchase, a company which operated a Home during the period meaning you have also acquired the claim.
Or you may know of a colleague who fits the above criteria, if so we would be happy to discuss our system of Introducer’s Fees.
Jock Waugh

With 24 years experience working on VAT in HM Revenue and Customs, Jock has an extensive knowledge of the VAT regime. Having served as a VAT Assurance Officer, Jock progressed in his career with HM Revenue and Customs to designing and managing compliance projects nationally before leaving to join the private sector, completing many successful Kingscrest claims returning repayments to clients amounting to millions of pounds in net benefits.

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